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Pediatric & Adult Therapy Services

Pediatric & Adult Therapeutic Services

A family-centered therapy clinic offering a full range of adult and pediatric therapy service options tailored to the individual and family needs.


We are a family-centered therapy clinic offering a full range of service options tailored to meet the needs of children, adolescents, and adults.

Therapy is implemented in a caring and playful manner and focuses on function in order to promote success across environments. At Beth Osten & Associates, we are dedicated to providing support to our families as their children grow and transition from childhood, to adolescence, and into adulthood.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children and adults develop the underlying foundational skills needed for play, socialization, learning, and participation in daily living activities.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services can help children develop gross motor skills and promote active participation in the home, school, and community environments.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech-language pathology help to treat issues with sound production, articulation, language development, fluency/stuttering, feeding & swallowing, and other areas of communication.


Developmental Therapy

Developmental therapists are credentialed through the Early Intervention program (EI) & primarily treat children from birth to three years old to provide comprehensive support during early childhood.

Mental Health

Our staff of mental health providers includes licensed psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, and counselors who specialize in treating a range of social and emotional needs.


Our multidisciplinary team of therapists work together to ensure a consistent, integrated, and holistic approach toward your child’s development. We also encourage collaboration with outside providers to coordinate care and promote maximal therapeutic benefit. Our highly trained professionals help children with a range of difficulties that include but are not limited to the following areas: regulation, sensory processing, social-emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, as well as communication.


My son went there as a child for SPD and dyspraxia, the staff are amazing and helped him a great deal...
— Cyndi, Parent


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