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Pediatric & Adult Therapy Services

Meet the Team


Meet the Therapist and Support Professionals at Beth Osten & Associates

Beth Osten & Associates is a team of experienced pediatric therapists providing occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, developmental therapy, and parent and child mental health services.


Occupational Therapy

Beth Osten

Occupational Therapist, Founder & Floortime Director

Aliza Soler

Occupational Therapist, Clinic Space Coordinator

Amy Hutnick

Occupational Therapist

Binyomin “Ben” Kulek

Occupational Therapist

Briana Harris

Occupational Therapist

Deborah “Debbi” Margulis

Occupational Therapist, Professional Development Coordinator

Ilana Galster

Occupational Therapist, OT/PT Intake Coordinator

Kathleen M. Lord

Occupational Therapist

Rose Heredia

Occupational Therapist


Speech-Language Pathology

Lynda Thill

Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinic Director

Kirsten Frankel

Speech-Language Pathologist

Mary Ann O’Connell

Speech-Language Pathologist, Staff Trainer

Rennée Hanichak

Speech-Language Pathologist

Sarah Hearst

Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinic Owner


Mental Health

Diane Selinger

Psychologist, Department Supervisor

Christina Peters

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Department Supervisor

Cheryl Singerman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Penguins Playgroup Leader

Danielle Silbert

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Penguins Playgroup Leader

Heather Heckman

Clinical Psychologist

Michelle Kowalski

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Zimmerman



Physical Therapy

Educator & Developmental Therapy

Jenna Heinrich

Physical Therapist


Micki Somerman

Penguins Program Coordinator


Clinic Staff

Christine Perrone

Billing & Insurance Specialist


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